Dana White Disappointed in McGregor, Says “All I Ask for is a Little Common Sense”

McGregor-on-Fox1-468x312UFC featherweight star Conor McGregor came under fire from fans and media alike with his offensive (albeit good-natured) tweet regarding UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and her UFC 168 opponent Miesha Tate. Considering the UFC has generally fined or suspended their athletes for such incidents, many wondered if the Irish-born star would receive the same treatment.

UFC President Dana White spoke with media members on Thursday afternoon regarding the matter, admitting that he was not impressed with McGregor’s tweet and contacted him immediately to inform him to issue an apology to the female athletes.

“When I found out about that, I reached out to him [McGregor] and he had already written an apology.” Dana said, “He is a young kid that made a really dumb tweet.”

White also stated that he had spoken with both the champ and the title challenger regarding the matter, and that they do not appear to have been offended by the sexual nature of the tweet. Miesha had even gone to the extent to reply to McGregor’s apology, saying she understands that it was intended as a joke.

“I talked to both Miesha and Ronda, and both of them were like ‘whatever, not a big deal’. He apologized and before I knew he had even written the apology I said ‘he will apologize to you’ but he already had. He likes both of them and respects them.”

The UFC President once again expressed his dislike for fighters attempting to masquerade as comedians on social media networks, as it often results in unnecessary trouble for the aforementioned fighter.

“These guys try to be f***ing funny on twitter – again, same thing. He was there [TUF Gym] yesterday and he’s like ‘ya, when I am sitting there tweeting, sometimes I don’t even think people are reading my tweets.’ – Ya, nobody is reading your tweets.”

When asked if there is an ethics code in place for such issues, White admit that that was certainly the case and that it clearly covers such incidents.

“There is an ethics code and that’s definitely in the ethics code that you don’t tweet stuff like that about women or about your fellow fighters here in the UFC. “

Should the UFC be concerned that several of their young stars could potentially be incapable of handling their new-found stardom? White says that fighters should simply mind the information they share on a public forum and that would keep them out of trouble. He even mentioned that McGregor had been interested in training with Rousey and that he should not treat a potential teammate in such a manner.

“There is nothing wrong with overhyping yourself. Its saying or tweeting dumb s*** – things that are inappropriate. The crazy part is, he’s been trying to hit Ronda up – he wants to go train with Ronda. And then you are gonna send a tweet like with somebody you want to hang out with and train with.  It just doesn’t make sense.”

With all things considered, White simply expects his fighters to use common sense when addressing fans and fellow fighters.

” I don’t expect people to be f***ing rocket scientists over here – these guys aren’t going to go out and find the cure for cancer or anything. All I ask is for is a little common sense. Just a little tiny bit of f***ing common sense.”