jonesgustafssonUFC 165 featured what could arguably considered one of the greatest light-heavyweight title fight of all time. It was a 5-round battle of attrition and determination, ending in the defending champion walking out of the octagon with his title wrapped securely around his waist. 

Neither Jones nor Gustafsson took part in the post-fight press conference as they were immediately sent to the hospital to determine the injuries they sustained.

Now following the epic battle, it appears that MMA fans are calling for an immediate rematch between the two and even UFC President Dana White started the press conference by asking, “Who doesn’t want to see that rematch?”  While this does not likely imply that the decision has been taken, but it leads one to assume that this is an idea that the UFC is looking into.

“We’ve got to wait a few weeks and see how this plays out to see what we want to do,” White stated at the presser. “We’ve got to see how these guys both feel. What’s wrong, if anything’s wrong with them, and go from there. When you see two guys get busted up like they did tonight, they don’t even want to talk about fighting for a few weeks. It’s the last thing you want to talk about.

“You’ve got to let them heal up, go home, spend some time with their family, start to get that itch again, then they’ll be ready to talk.”

Soon afterwards, White spoke with Ariel Helwani and appeared to be even more convinced that a rematch would be next for both competitors.

“There is a real good possibility that we do this again.” said Dana. “I think that that fight was awesome. I think this is one of those fights that people would love to see again.

When asked about where Glover Teixeira stands in this entire matter, White’s solution was simple.

“We get him another fight.”

While Jones has officially become the most decorated light-heavyweight champion in UFC history, Alexander Gustafsson surprised fans with several things including successfully taking down Jones and wounding him in the heat of battle. At the very least, this proves that Jones is vulnerable, maybe even beatable.


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