6a6fbb74abe08b0a3cebdaa8e8ed3523The topic of fighter pay has been at the forefront of MMA news since former UFC fighter John Colish announced his retirement from the sport after UFC on FX 8, citing poor pay structures as a main driving force behind his decision to leave the sport. 

Colish make $8,000 for his losing performance against Gleison Tibau at UFC on FX 8 but admits that the sum barely covers his costs for licensing fees, training camps and partners, medical tests and his management. This prompted Colish to speak out on twitter as well as Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour.

Colish tweeted a picture last night regarding an email he had received from ZUFFA detailing the hefty Brazilian and American taxes that are applied to his salary.


It appears that apart from his training camp costs, Colish will be required to sacrifice at least 27% of his payment in Brazilian taxes.

* John followed up on Thursday afternoon with another tweet identifying his total pay after tax and what he intend to do with the money.


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