Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 2.35.28 PMOne of the most anticipated welterweight title fights in recent memory takes place next Saturday as welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre takes on former Strikeforce 170lb champ Nick Diaz in what can only be considered a grudge match. The bad blood between these two world-class fighters is no secret and they would like nothing better than to prove to the world that they could defeat the other. St-Pierre has even gone so far as to request this particular match-up when other contenders like Johny Hendricks were arguably more logical options. 

The champ claims to have significantly changed his training, focusing instead on adding new weapons to his already well-rounded game.

“I changed a lot of things in my training and the way I do things,” St-Pierre said in the UFC pre-fight interview, “I’m having more fun now and learning new skills and new tools to put in my arsenal. I think it’s going to pay off and I think it’s going to be good. I’m taking the fight where I want it to be.”

St-Pierre believes that the main difference between himself and the challenger is athleticism. Confident that he is superior in that aspect, Georges plans on using that to his advantage.

“I believe I am more athletic than him and I have more tools, that’s why I’m going to win the fight. I hope he’s going to be doing his homework, because I’ve been doing mine. He’s very good with his hands. He’s a great boxer, one of the best in mixed martial arts but I’m training with better boxers than him and guys who I believe are better in that regards.”

Georges is an avid believer in the phrase “styles make fights” and sees this as a prime opportunity to put on a memorable performance. He also insistent that the challenger has not gotten to his head and will not affect his approach to the fight as he still intends to fight his own fight and come out victorious.

“I believe Nick has the style to make me look good, because he pushes the pace a lot and he’s gonna make the best of me come out for that fight. Everybody tries to cross the line with me and get into my head, I don’t mind what he says and what his entourage says, the only thing that matters is that I fight the best of my ability on March 16th and the rest will take care of itself.”

After years of tolerating Diaz’s disparaging remarks, St-Pierre is very much looking forward to settling the score and putting this chapter of his career behind him.

“After the first round Nick Diaz will know that he is going to have a bad night and I am a better fighter than he is.”

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