cesarDana White joined members of the media for a whopping 68 minute media scrum after the traditional pre-fight press conference on Thursday afternoon. The topics of discussion focused mostly on Nick Diaz and the controversy that seems the follow him wherever he goes. 

White has his own theory on where the problem stems from. The UFC President considers Cesar Gracie’s attitude a significant part of the Diaz problem.

“I think Cesar Gracie is a huge part of the problem to be honest with you. First of all the tweet that he tweeted. Second of all, he comes out and says ‘oh well the guy who is producing it lives up here in Northern California so how much could this really be costing them?’ I mean this [expletive] guy has no clue about production and to come out and say something that asinine is unbelievable. When we send up a crew to shoot these things, what do you think we are sending? A guy with a [expletive] camcorder? The guy who shoots those features has been working in the sports world for thirty years and the crew he has got around him are good too. “

When asked why Diaz was allowed to miss the open media workouts, White explained that it was Gracie who had booked Diaz’s flights so that he ensures that the former Strikeforce champ doesn’t miss any media obligations, yet he still did.

“All the other guys flew in before he did and what’s funny is Cesar Gracie planned his flight because Cesar said if he goes earlier he won’t show up. I mean we don’t just throw flights together, we work with the teams and we have never had these issues before but we are dealing with Nick and we know that. We are dealing with a very different situation here than we normally do.”

The UFC President was also asked whether he believed the Diaz brothers were better off without Gracie, which he quickly denied, stating that Gracie must be a great trainer because of the impressive team he has created.

“I don’t make those decisions, that’s up to them. Obviously, as far as a trainer goes, Cesar Gracie must be a damn good trainer cause look at the camp he’s created.  But Cesar Gracie likes to play bullshit games that drive me crazy.”

With all things considered, whether it be his tweets or his attitude, it is clear that Gracie has gotten under White’s skin in the months leading up to this fight and the UFC head-honcho made it very clear at the media scum.

“I think Cesar is a d***, that’s what I think. I think Cesar does some stuff that’s just bullshit. I don’t think it’s an act or a schtick or anything else.”

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