Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 1.39.19 PMBritish middleweight star Michael Bisping is not one to keep his opinions to himself. The popular fighter has made his views clear about a foray of topics including his dislike for Testosterone Replacement Therapy as well as his opinion on other fighters in his division like Vitor Belfort, Alan Belcher and Chris Weidman. 

With news circulating regarding a potential Silva/Weidman match-up this summer, the New Jersey native has been the Brit’s most recent target. Bisping spoke to ‘UFC Tonight‘ analyst Ariel Helwani bout the potential match-up and had some harsh words for the challenger.

“Listen, I suppose it is the only logical match-up. I just got beat, those are the facts. Vitor Belfort got beat recently by Anderson. Belcher got beat, Boetsch got beat. Who is left? Weidman is there so I suppose by default, Chris Weidman gets a shot at the title. “

When asked if he believes Weidman could beat the champ, his answer was clear:

“He gets a shot at the title. He does not have a shot at the title.”

Bisping was on his way to a title shot against middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva until a swift kick to the temple from Belfort halted the Brit’s plans to challenge for the title.   The loss marked his third in no.1 contender bouts, having lost to both Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson before succumbing to the Brazilian. With all things considered, Bisping still intends to go back to the drawing board and promises to one day challenge for the title.

“Going into this next fight I feel immense pressure. I have only lost a handful of fights in my career and I take that very very seriously.  I take what I do very very seriously. I’ve never lost back-to-back fight, I don’t plan on starting now. I still want to fight for the title, I am still young enough and healthy. That starts with Alan Belcher on April 27th.”

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  • Darryl

    I thought that both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones were racist and have every reason to feel this way. Now, I feel that only Silva is the lone racist of the two considering Jones has fought Phil Davis, Q. Jackson and R. Evans and these fights have been pretty recent whereas Silvas last fight against another black was many years ago when he was with Pride. I think he has only fought one black in his career so why only one black and the rest being European American men or Asian men? This is why to me he is a racist. Why does he only want to fight white men and no black men? He gave a really dumb and racist excuse for this. Oh, but he would love to fight GSP but not Jon Jones because he claims Jon Jones he too many advantages over him. It’s ok for Silva to be scared and refuse to fight a bigger fighter in Jon Jones because Jones has advantages over Silva but Silva doesnt see how the same applies to him fighting GSP. Silva is not afraid to fight a much smaller GSP but refuses to fight a bigger fighter in Jones. I’ll fighter smaller fighters but will run from bigger fighters. Gee, where I am from this is called be a coward. Next Silva will call out Mighty Mouse. What a shame and Dana white thinks Silva is the best fighter on the plant. Silva, be a man and fight R. Evans or anyone of the growing number of blacks in the LHW Div?