Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett made quick work of his opponent on Saturday night at the Strikeforce finale and whilst the veteran made it look easy, it was actually the culmination of what he dubbed “the worst training camp” of his entire professional career. 

“The Warmaster” detailed the unfortunate series of events leading up to his fight on Saturday night:

“This has been the worst training camp of my entire life,” Barnett explained in a post-fight interview, “I had some sort of infection sinus thing early on and was on antibiotics for that. Then when things started to get back to normal, it turned out that I had a wisdom tooth had not fully erupted and had apparently made the thing infected and also caused the first infection. This thing swelled up, the sinus infection came back and then I had to have the wisdom tooth pulled out.  After more antibiotics and finishing that round up, I get hit with this incredible Influenza A on Friday night and I had over 100 degree temperatures.”

While Barnett did admit that he was considerably unlucky heading into his bout, it did provide him with an opportunity to test his determination and his will to win.

“It was insane,” he explained further, “I had no clue if I could even make it to Strikeforce to fight and that was just an opportunity for suck up that’s all. Just an opportunity to go out there and test myself.I’m not a young buck in this game, I’ve got big rack antlers on me now. I know how to adapt and I did that tonight.”

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