Things are moving very fast for TUF 14 winner John Dodson. After impressive performances on the reality show, Dodson would quickly follow up with a knockout of Team Alpha Male’s TJ Dillashaw to win the show and earn himself a six figue UFC contract. Only two fights later, one of which was a TKO win over former no.1 Flyweight Jussier ‘Formiga’ da Silva, Dodson is already preparing for his first UFC title fight. 

The TUF veteran believes it is his hard work, dedication and his impressive wins that has earned him the title shot and a main event slot on a FOX card.

“Getting this title shot after such a short UFC career is kind of a blessing,” Dodson explained in the UFC pre-fight interview, “It shows that the UFC believes in me and they understand all the hard work that I have put into it.”

Flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson is known for his unmatched speed and technical ability and whilst Dodson is not as fast as the champ, he is more than capable of keeping up with his pace and believes his power will make all the difference.

“He might be a little bit faster than me but I can catch a lot with the power that I possess in these hands,” he said  “With my power I can make sure that you get hit as many times as you want to be put down, or I could just hit you that one time and put you to sleep.”

It is hard to disagree with the charismatic 125er. He has dazzled UFC fans with impressive finishes and displayed a skill level far above that of his previous opponents, but Demetrious Johnson, the first ever UFC flyweight champion, will easily be his toughest challenge to date. Although Dodson believes his punching power could win him the fight, he says that it will be the scrambles throughout the fight that wil determine the outcome.

“The reason this fight is going to be so fast=paced is because of the scrambles.  The scrambles between me and him are going to be a determinant in the fight. If I can control it or he can control it, then that person will come out on top.”

Whilst the flyweights have come under harsh criticism from a multitude of fans since joining the promotion, but it is clear that the UFC has faith in its title fight by placing it in the headlining slot of the first UFC on FOX fight card of 2013. Dodson is aware of this and is looking forward to showing the UFC that their decision will not be in vain.

“Me and Mighty Mouse are going to put on a tremendous show, and want to place the building blocks for the division,” he said, “They have placed us there [main event] to make sure that we do the one thing that we are going to do and that is put on the best show that the world has ever seen.”

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  • DarkJosh

    Well, great fight last Saturday. Caught up the champion several times in the early rounds but Johnson made him pay with barrage of kicks and punches towards the end of the fight. May not be the time for Dodson but it will come bro!