Written by: Karim Zidan

Last night, Dana White announced via twitter that Frank Mir would replace Alistair Overeem against Dos Santos in the main event of UFC 146. The news was considerably premature considering Dana had originally stated that the UFC brass would await the final verdict from the Nevada State Athletic Commission before altering their anticipated main event.

Overeem was recently red-flagged by the NSAC when his random pre-fight drug test came back with an exorbitant 14:1 Testosterone to Epitestosterone ratio. Since Overeem’s license in Nevada had expired on December 31st, he could not be fined or suspended by the commission.

An interesting turn of events came about when it was revealed that Overeem would be applying for a license with the NSAC and that he was confident that he would be licensed to fight on May 26th.

It was rumoured that the UFC had removed Overeem from the UFC 146 main event because he had withdrawn his license application. According to NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer, that is not the case.

“Mr. Overeem is expected to appear before the commission,” Kizer told The Flying Knee MMA on Saturday.

It appears that Overeem potentially withdrawing his application for licensure is not the reason behind the UFC pulling the plug on a highly lucrative title-bout.

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