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The feedback from the readers for our weekly “Twitterview” columns has been exceptional. This is why we have decided to take this opportunity to post our latest twitterview right on the brink of UFC 141.

This week, TFK asks MMA fighters for their UFC 141 main card predictions. We even have acclaimed MMA writer Ben Fowlkes and GSP’s head coach Firas Zahabi providing us with their predictions as well.

Here is what the fighters have to say:

@Firas_Zahabi: I’m going with Cowboy and Overeem. I think Overeem will survive the first takedown but it’s not gonna be easy

@BigfootSilva: I got Lesnar

@MarkBoeck: Fitch, Cerrone, Reem

@jasondarcyUFC:Gustaffson, Phan, Diaz, Fitch and Overeem. only saying diaz because i have a weird feeling he will tap cerrone out

@BenFowlkesMMA: In that case: Lesnar, Cerrone, Fitch, Gustafsson.

@DUANEBANGCOM: @Alistairovereem

TimKennedyMMA: My picks UFC 141 Alistair Overeem TKO, Donald Cerrone 30-27, Jon Fitch, 30-27, Vladimir Matyushenko TKO, Nam KO @ufc @Strikeforce @Ranger_Up

@mexicutioner760: #UFC141 picks tonight are Njuokani, Pearson, Phan, Gustaffson, Fitch, Diaz, and The Reem!!

@ChrisCamozzi: I’m picking @Alistairovereem and @Cowboycerrone tonight. Both by finish

@thechrisupdate: My picks for tonight are: Lesnar, Cerrone, Fitch, Gustafsson, and Hettes. My picks for the prelims are: Pearson, Castillo, Kim, Volkmann, Riddle, and Nunes.

@dannyboydownes: Matyushenko, Fitch, Cerrone, Lesnar

@StefanStruve: My picks: my fellow dutchman Alistair Overeem, Cerrone, Fitch, Phan and of course The Janitor!!

@officialswick: My #UFC141 picks are: Fitch, Cerrone, and Overeem.

@aaronsimpson: to loss, Diaz, go Cowboy

@phildefriesmma: reem fitch cowboy pearson gustaferson :)

Kenny Florian provided a detailed public tweet with his pick:

@kennyflorian: #UFC141 this Friday night. Picking Lesnar in main event. Overeem hasn’t faced comp like Brock in MMA. Reem win = marketable HvyWt force. Brock struggled against a high level wrestler who can strike but Overeem isn’t that guy IMO. Brock certainly doesn’t want strike w/Reem tho. Cerrone vs Diaz = fight to watch at #UFC141 Close range favors Diaz, long range favors Cerrone. Cerrone consistency may be the difference.

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